The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021



The Best Packing List for Maui in 2021!

I've seen people and go to Maui having regretted that they brought so much stuff that they didn't use or wishing that they had brought something that they either can't get on the island or isn't affordable buying on Maui. I've put together my ultimate packing list for Maui hoping it would help you. You don't have to worry that you're not bringing something or forgetting to bring something that you should.

Here is my Hawaii packing list of things I would bring if I were coming to Maui!

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Action Cameras

GoPro Hero 7

GoPro definitely takes the top spot of my Maui packing list when it comes to the action cameras and it's the number one thing on this list.

You want to be able to keep track of the memories while you're on Maui, in case you want to relive them.

You need a camera that can handle what you throw at it. The GoPro Hero 7 is a waterproof, durable and an overall hardy camera. You can throw it in your bag, it doesn't take up much space and you don't really have to worry about whether or not it'll work when you pull it out.

On top of that, the video and picture qualities are unmatched when it comes to the action cameras out there. GoPro Hero 7 also has a built in stabilization that takes a lot of the blur out of the video.

After all, there's probably going to be some action when you're using an action camera.

It would be good to get an extra battery or two, as each battery usually only lasts a little longer than an hour and you'll want to get extra memory cards for it as well, unless you're bringing something like a laptop you can dump all of your photos and videos on (not recommended on a short trip).

Advice: Get an extra battery or three so you can keep going and capture all of the memories. Also, make sure to get a large enough memory card to store your photos and videos.

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 55

Akaso V50

Another good option is Akaso V50.

It's half the price as a GoPro but the specs are close.

It comes with an external waterproof casing which allows it not only to take a beating but to be submerged in water up to 30 meters deep, which is roughly 90 feet, and the video quality is still really great.

Compared to the GoPro, the Akaso V50 Pro's video quality isn't quite as good, but it's close and it comes in at half the price point.

If you have time to test them out before the vacation, Amazon is really good at accepting returns as long as you're within their return window and you can buy both to test it and return one.

If you're okay with a slight drop in quality, the Akaso is your next best bet.

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 57

If you're fine to pay a little extra, go with the GoPro Hero 7.

The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 54

The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 55

Action Camera Mounts

Nothing special here, you'll just want accessories for your action camera. This is a quantity over “quality” argument. Quality isn't much better in this case.

Most action mounts work with most action cameras and they are pretty interchangeable.

Here's a good pack that has a bunch and doesn't cost much.

I'd recommend staying away from the GoPro brand mounts, just because you'll be paying a lot more for the same thing.

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 61


Sure the GoPro Hero 7 has an internal stabilization, but having an external gimbal is a whole new level.

3-axis gimbals take all of the shakes out of a video. Your videos will be smooth as if nothing were moving.

The last thing you want when you're watching your recorded videos is to not be able to relive or even watch your memories because of how shaky the footage is.

It could have been the car or ATV you were driving or it could have just been your shaky hands.

Get the gimbal and that's not something you'll have to worry about.

This handheld gimbal also has a mount that allows you to use it as a tripod.

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 55

Waterproof and Weatherproof Cases

Whether it's the plan or not, when you're on Maui, you're going to be near the water. Even if you're hiking around places inland and away from the ocean, Maui has some of the wettest rainforest and jungle areas on the planet.

It's a good idea to have a waterproof phone case for your phone.

Most phones cost more than $600 now and if a $20 waterproof phone case can save you from losing your phone (not to mention all of your contacts and photos), why wouldn't you pay the extra $20?

Amazon has a ton of options when it comes to waterproof phone cases, but not all of them are the best and most durable fit. Some are specific to the type of phone, while others say they will fit all phones (or smartphones) universally.

From my experience, you want to go with either a specific fit waterproof phone case (like Lifeproof brand) or a rolltop one.

With the clamp phone cases, sometimes they work well at first, but the seals break down the more you use them. Usually, by the end of a week, you're getting water in your phone case.

The roll-top cases on the other hand, as long as you seal them right, their seal doesn't break down nearly as quickly and they're a much more reliable case when it comes to keeping water out.

I like this phone case if you're picking the universal fit ones.

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 65

I would also opt for a Lifeproof case over the universal fit ones, but those also wear down the more you take them off your phone or open up the phone case. While they may be a little more durable as an overall case, they may not be so much better when it comes to waterproofness.


Hammocks are the best.

They're also a great way to spend time at the beach. Many of Maui's beaches have palm trees that are perfect for slinging up a hammock and taking a day nap.

Contrary to popular belief, there are mosquitos and other bugs in Hawaii. My favorite hammock setup has a bug net that comes with it.

This hammock that you can get from comes with everything you need to take it easy on the beach in a hammock: bug net, straps, carrying case and of course the hammock itself.

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 61

Bug Repellent

If you do find yourself hanging out with a group of mosquitos, you'll want some bug repellant handy.

My favorite bug repellent is an all natural, essential based mixture that is neither harmful to you nor the environment.

If you've never used essential oil before, it is super potent and this bottle will last you for a long time. I've used my current bottle for the past 2 years and it's still going strong.

One drop here and there and no mosquito will come near you. And it's all natural.

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 57

Costco Card

Costco is how I survive on Maui.

Everything is much more expensive than the mainland and Costco allows for groceries and other things to be affordable.

Maui's Costco is right next to the airport so if you're landing before 830pm, swing over to Costco before you get to your condo, hotel or AirBnB. Load up when you get in so you don't have to spend more than you need to at the local grocery stores.

Don't have a Costco Membership? It might be worth it to get one. You'll probably save enough money on gas for your car alone if you buy the Costco membership (fuel is pretty expensive on Maui).

If you're looking for Maui to be more affordable, consider getting a Costco Membership.

If you don't want to get one, Costco allows non-members to shop in the store if they have a Costco gift card. You can find them all over eBay. You can use a Costco gift card at the gas pump, too.

Advice: Make sure to bring your Costco Card. It makes Maui much more affordable. Or, buy a gift card on eBay because you can go in the store without a membership with a gift card.

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 61


Drones can be an awesome way to check out Maui. I've included this in my ultimate packing list for Maui vacations because there are some things you places you can't see and moments you can't capture with just a regular camera. With a drone, you have an eye in the sky, that you can control!

If you've ever flown a drone before, you understand how cool they can be. And you'll also understand why they come with such a high price tag. But if you're a photographer, a drone is a must-have in your arsenal.

The DJI Mavic drones come with a 4k camera on a gimbal and you will be hard pressed to find a camera that rivals it. The gimbal keeps everything steady when you are recording video or shooting photos.

DJI's Mavic 2 is also super easy to control. You connect it to your phone and you can see everything your drone sees.

DJI's Mavic 2 is also the best travel drone, no question. The drone actually folds up into a package not much larger than if you rolled up a pair of jeans. There are travel cases for the Mavic 2 but they can be as small as a few soda cans and you can just throw it in the backpack so that it's ready for you on a hike.

I wouldn't recommend you take it nearly as far as its specifications say you can as the signal cuts out most of the time much sooner than that. There's also an FAA regulation that requires you to maintain a line of sight to your drone.

Most people won't have any sort of desire or need to fly the drone out of eye's range anyway and you can get some of the most magnificent shots with a drone that were not even possible before these remote control birds.

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 65


You're definitely going to want a good pair of sunglasses on Maui.

Before I moved to Maui, I never used sunglasses. Since being on the island, I have a collection of sunglasses, mainly Maui Jim's. All of their models come with state of the art polarized lenses, many with scratch resistant coatings too. Maui Jim also has its headquarters in Lahaina on Maui so if you need a repair, you can bring them in and they'll fix or replace any broken part (for a fee up to $70, which is excellent for these higher end sunglasses).

Polarized sunglasses make a big difference on Maui or anywhere that you're in the sun daily. Not only is it better for your eyes and the eye strain, but the world also seems clearer through a pair of good polarized sunglasses.

My favorite brand is Maui Jim. This brand also started in Lahaina and has become one of the bigger brands of sunglasses out there.

Their polarized lenses are top notch and make a really big difference when spending any time on the water or in the sun. Polarization of the lenses cuts through the glare and allows you to see past the sun's reflection on the surface of the water, so if there are any sea creatures around you, you'll be able to see them (think dolphins or whales).

You'll also be able to see as far as the water will allow, which is pretty deep on Maui in Maui's waters. Maui Jim's tend to make colors pop, and sometimes it seems like there are colors through the lenses of Maui Jim's that don't otherwise exist.

You won't regret getting a pair of good sunglasses.


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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 65


There are all sorts of water bottles out there. There have been so many plastic bottles produced that there's an island of garbage and plastic floating around out in the middle of the ocean.

Another thing for your Maui checklist is an insulated water bottle.

Yeti's are great at keeping cold, cold and hot, hot. This one can hold enough that you can stay hydrated on long hikes or long days at the beach.

If you're planning an outing out on the water too, the ocean has a way of taunting you that there's so much water yet nothing to drink out there.

Good for your health, good for the island, exactly what you need.

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 57


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Maui and Hawaii are in the process of banning non-reef safe sunscreen so soon this will be a law, but if you want to help preserve the marine life around Maui, get some reef-safe sunscreen.

It works just as well as the other stuff, and it isn't harmful to the oceans and all of the sea critters.

You will want to get some sunscreen before you come to Maui though. Things tend to be expensive on Maui, so it's a good idea to buy some of this stuff before you get to the island.

Reef-safe sunscreen is usually a little more expensive than the more harmful stuff, but you can put it in perspective:

If it's harmful to marine life, it's probably harmful to you too.

You don't want to put something on yourself that might mess you up in some way in the long run.

Spend the extra dollar and get the stuff that will protect your skin, the marine life, and the island.

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 61


On Maui, you're going to want to wear sandals. It makes it easier to dig your toes in the sand and get the sand out when you're done for the night.


I suggest these flip flops because they are so comfortable. While Oofos might look a little funny (they don't look any different than Crocs), but those thoughts will completely melt out of your mind after you put them on. Much, much, much more comfortable than Crocs too!

It really is like walking on a cloud.

I love these.

This is a life-changer!

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 61


Keen's are a great sandal-shoe hybrid. You can hike all day in these, get them wet and never have to worry about keeping your feet safe.

Keen's are the perfect island shoe-sandal for hiking on Maui.

And they still let your feet breath!

The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 83

The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 61

Water Shoes

These are great around the water. Amazon has been coming out with a handful of generic brands for water shoes, but in this instance, most are will give the same quality product. And these shoes are great. They drain water, and you can rest assured that your feet will be safe.

They also are not expensive and some people I've talked to said they liked them so much that they wear them daily.

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 61

Water Socks

Great for grip, great for the water and good for keeping your feet warm even when you're nowhere near water.

Sometimes I walk around the house in these when it's a little chillier.

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 61

Vacuum Bags

These things are awesome.

You can put clothes in these, roll them up and squeeze out the air and they are half or less their original size.

You can save a ton of space with these and keep sand, dirt, and dust from spreading everywhere.

They're also a great way to keep things organized.

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 57


This is an awesome travel toothbrush for any amount of time.

These come in two-packs on Amazon. They fold into themselves to stay clean and to store easier.

The bristles are made with silver fibers to stop bacteria growth. Silver has antibacterial properties, so anything with silver embedded in it will deter the growth of bacteria.

The bristles are also altered in length so that they act as both a toothbrush and floss.

This is a great way to keep up with your hygiene while you're on a trip.

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 61

Dry Bag

If you plan to be around the water a lot, dry bags are a must.

Don't go for the cheaper dry bags, either. Some of then split open at the seams or their clasps break.

The whole point of a dry bag is to keep the water out, and if your dry bag breaks near the water, you may as well have taken your backpack you took your schoolbooks in.

I like this one.

Extra external pockets, strong build and material and can be used temporarily as a float if needed.

I've put this bag through the wringer. You're getting a bang for a buck.

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 61

This one's good too.

Rash Guard

Don't want to worry about sunscreen and getting burned? Might be a good idea to bring a rash guard.

There are a handful of options when it comes to rashguards, and most will do exactly the same thing.

Good rashguards have built-in sun protection so you don't have to worry about putting on sunscreen.

You can also get in the water with them. Although they don't help a whole lot with warmth.

The protection stays with you in that case too, so you don't have to worry about your sunscreen wiping off.

My favorite brand is the TSLA brand on Amazon, not to be confused with Elon Musk's Tesla.

Inexpensive, good quality apparel. This is one of those rare inexpensive good finds.

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 61

Here's a loose-fitting version that's nice too.

Wetsuit Top

Any wetsuit top will do.

If you're coming during the winter, the water is colder to the point that you might want to wear a wetsuit top for warmth.

You might think now that Maui waters are jacuzzi's compared to the rest of the country and there is definitely truth to that.

But it still gets cold.

You could rent wetsuits from some places on island but the cost of the wetsuit to rent for the day might get you your own wetsuit on Amazon.

I have this one, but really any wetsuit will do. You may not need one if you're not on Maui during the winter months. From December through April though, I would have a wetsuit top if I were you.

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 61


Don't forget your swimsuit.


What to wear in Maui? For guys, at least, I like hybrid shorts.

They are casual enough that you can wear them at work, in everyday life or just out.

At least you can on Maui.

They dry quickly, they have pockets and most have a zipper pocket.

What more can you ask for in a pair of shorts?

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 61

I don't really have any advice on a women's bathing suit.


This one is for the airplane. Those airplane rides can be long and uncomfortable. I've included this on the packing list because it's small and easy to pack and it makes that long plane ride much more comfortable.

The TRTL is a new kind of neck pillow that lets you sleep sitting upright, as it props your head up in a way that you can rest on your shoulder.

It's like a comfortable neck-brace pillow.

Since it's made of fleece, it also keeps your neck and head warm. It's great for those long flights where you want to catch some zzz's but don't have anyone to lean on.

The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 101

The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 61

Light Jacket / Sweatshirt

It's a smart idea to bring a sweatshirt or a light jacket.

Think you don't need one?

You'd be surprised but it can get chilly here. Especially during the winter months. Or when you are getting out of the ocean on to the beach and the wind is blowing.

Trust me, you'll be happy you brought a jacket.

Not quite the best travel sweatshirt, but this is an absolute lifesaver if you ever do any water sports or spend a lot of time in the water.

It cuts down the wind to nothing, it's waterproof and it has a very warm fleece lining.

Great for Maui and everywhere else.

The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 103

The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 61


You probably won't be wearing pants on Maui. Chances are you are coming to Maui to avoid wearing pants.


These are the best pants, ever.

They will withstand anything, you can waterproof them and they have a bunch of functional pockets for you to store whatever you need too. Phone, wallet, keys, snacks, whatever.

You actually might want this during the winter months in Maui.

Anytime though, if you only ever need one pair of pants though, these are the ones.

Every time I wear these, people ask what they are because they want a pair. And I don't blame them.

If I were going on a hiking trip and I could only bring one pair of pants, this pair, hands down.

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The #1 Ultimate Packing List for Maui in 2021 61


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