FireKable Review! The Claims of this Paracord Bracelet Put to the Test!

The FireKable review: Is this the best paracord bracelet out there?

FireKable Review! The Claims of this Paracord Bracelet Put to the Test! 2

Paracord bracelets are great things to have in a pinch. You don't just have to wear them too, they clip on to packs, and you can forget them until you need them.


I had heard that this company had come out with a new product. This company is confident that its FireKable paracord bracelet is the best one out there. After looking into it, I stumbled upon a page where they were giving them out for free, as long as you pay for shipping. With what I had heard from other people about this bracelet, I was surprised that they were giving out promotional FireKable Bracelets for free. When I messaged the company, they said it was a limited time only and that they want to offer value and get the word out. So I ordered one and wanted to write my review of this FireKable bracelet.

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First of all, what's paracord?

FireKable Review! The Claims of this Paracord Bracelet Put to the Test! 3

Paracord usually has 7 strands that make up the strength of the cord. The FireKable Bracelet seems stronger than other paracord bracelets I've used.

If you don't know what paracord is, it started as the cable that paratroopers used for the parachutes. It was strong enough to hold their weight when they were jumping out of planes.

After they had landed in enemy territory, that would have to fend for themselves. They had to make use of everything they could to stay safe and survive.

After people found out that the military was using this small cordage for so many things, it became a popular survival tool.

Paracord is typically rated up to 650 lbs of tensional strength. It's strong stuff, and I've never had it break on me.

Wikipedia has its page about this awesome cord.

You can never have too many paracord bracelets

It's better to have something and not need it than to need it and not have it. I remember one time I was on a hiking trip, and I was walking around the camp when my sandal broke. It was early in the trip, and so I would either have to deal with a broken sandal for the rest of the time, or I would have to figure out a way to get it back up and running. I wasn't wearing the bracelet, but I had clipped it on to my pack.

I unwound a section of it, and MacGuyver'd up a new strap with the paracord, and it still works great to this day.

Paracord is tough stuff, and you'll never know when you need it.

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Survival swag, what does this have that others don't?

This is just about the perfect set up for a paracord bracelet. It has a whistle, flint, and extra paracord woven into the bracelet, so you have enough in a pinch.

FireKable's Whistle: How Good is it?

You might not think you need a whistle now, but if you've ever been in a bind where you either got lost in the woods or trapped out at sea, the whistle is a godsend.

I tested this when I was out in the rainforest on the road to Hana on Maui. I was out hiking through a bamboo forest and there wasn't anyone around. I hadn't tested out the FireKable's whistle to its full potential yet and wanted to see what it could do.

I blew it as hard as I could and, man, was it loud.

Thinking it was nothing, I continued on my hike and made it back about two miles to the road, where I found a fire truck that had been contacted because someone had reported hearing a loud whistle from the road.

Maui's Amanda Eller and Getting Lost

There was an instance on Maui not too long ago of a girl who went out for a hike in the woods and ended up getting lost for almost 3 weeks. Amanda Eller went out to stretch her legs and found herself getting lost out there after getting too deep into the forest and ended up hurting her leg. After teams of people looking for her and a few weeks going by, she was finally found alive.

It was supposed to be a normal run and she almost died. If she had had some kind of whistle on her, maybe it wouldn't have taken almost a month to find her and she might have been spared the three weeks of fear and pain of being lost and not knowing if she would make it out alive.

The Waterproof Firestarter: FireKable's Flint


FireKable Review! The Claims of this Paracord Bracelet Put to the Test! 4

The FireKable's flint and ability to create a spark, even when wet, will make sure you're prepared in any scenario.

The flint is ferrous, so it'll work even when the paracord is wet. It works by striking kindling like leaves and twigs to get a fire started, but it doesn't matter if the paracord itself is wet because it'll produce a spark either way.

What if it's not for me?

They also have 60-day, no questions asked guarantee. I've never heard of a guarantee on something that's free before, but they must be pretty dang sure you'll be happy with this if they're offering a guarantee on something free.

Bonus, they also include a free survival PDF.


I would include this bracelet in my go-pack and always put it on my checklists of what-to-have when going anywhere.

It's small and low profile. You don't have to wear it as a bracelet, but that's an easy way to carry it around. I often clip it on to a backpack.

Should You Order This?

I did.

I ordered a couple.

There's really nothing to lose here. They have a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee on their paracord bracelet. If you're not happy, just message them.

They guarantee this free bracelet for 60-days, so there's really nothing to lose.


Want the FireKable paracord bracelet for free? Get it Here!

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Whether you're camping in the wilderness or just out and about, a paracord bracelet can always come in handy, and it's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.